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Douce Apparence

Spirited Away’s Theme

Quien dice que el rosa es un color de chicas?

I want you to be there when I need you. I want you to be as crazy as I am. I want us to play any stupid game in the street at 4a.m and then having… yeah you know but I want us to be able to take that silly cute picture, every cute couple does. 

"Todo eso de que los besos de ciertas bocas saben mejor es un cuento que me sé desde el día que me dio dos besos y me dijo su nombre.”

Te ame y es algo, que no cura el tiempo, ni otros besos, ni otros chicos.

No more tears my heart is dry. I don’t think about you all the time but when I do- I wonder why

"If we’re meant to be together, change the way you see the weather.
Live for now, forget forever"


Everyone pretend to be normal... I don't. I'm french and I can say computer in Oh so many languages.

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